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Yes, you can make money in California from surveys!

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If I can make easy money from surveys, so can you!

Stay At Home Moms

Hi moms! -- do you enjoy spending time at home with your children and yet want to make extra money online?

Have you ever wondered if you as a stay at home mom can make money from the Internet while living in California or any other state (United States) or province (Canada)?

Yes, you can stay and home, spend time with the kids and make extra money online and I going to share a few easy steps to doing just that!

It wasn't too long ago, if a S.A.H.M.(stay at home mom) wanted or needed to earn some extra money. She would have likely sold Avon or Tupperware to her family or her friends around the her neighborhood.

Even though direct sales (example Avon) is still a popular method for working from home today, thanks to the Internet, many more opportunities exist for work from home moms, today!

ask questions, answer questions, make money

Opportunities such as doing online surveys, blogging, selling your items on Auction sites (such as Ebay), being an affiliate or even a combination of one or more of the previously mentioned extra money making suggestions.

I am gonna share a few simple suggestions on how to make a little extra cash online, in your free time and probably most important of all without using any of your household money!

You don't have to be Internet "Savvy" (my fancy word for experienced) and you don't have spend hours upon hours grinding away to make a little pocket change, I did mention "in your free time", didn't I!

Let me stress, one last don't have to spend money in order to make money!

Here are my "Make Easy Money On The Net Method" for California or any other state (United States) or province (Canada)residents!

My suggestions are based on a lot of research, trial and error and even wasted hours! Even though, this is my fifth year of making a passive income online, I did waste a few months trying to find the right mix and the following is how I make part time money online successfully!

Make Easy Money On The Net Method

  • Step1: Sign up for a few online survey sites! Now, even though there are untold numbers of site that allow you to work at home just by taking surveys on things like products, services and even simple interests.

    You can even get paid for answering simple questions like "do you prefer Coke or Pepsi". Of course the better paying ones have more questions involved (more detailed) and a little more time consuming but they sure do pay you good.

    I have weeded out the scams sites (and there sure are a lot of them) and have listed three of the top paying surveys site that I have found!

    These three sites do have a great earning potential (depending on your time and effort) however you have to be sure to read all the “fine print”!
    I recommend that you do the daily surveys and do the free offers!

    Here are my recommendations.. Note--If you do sign up, make sure you give a valid email address and fill out your profile!

    #1 Survey Site Link (yes that is a link or click on my actual earning banner below!)

    If you want to do your own research, (Money Making Site Review )

    #2 Survey Site Link (yes that is a link or click on the banner below!)

    #3 Survey Site Link

    A little tip..if you do sign up for more than one site, make sure you keep track of which offers/surveys that you do! Simply because you might come across the same survey from the same advertiser! Also this tip will help out with the second step of my method!

  • Step2: Sign up for a free blog (for a few suggestions on free blog sites, just CLICK HERE!)!

    Pick a Catchy name and layout for your blog! Don't worry, the free blogs that I listed are very user friendly! Now write some content.

    Okay now you are wondering what "content"? Remember my earlier suggestion of "keeping track of the offers/surveys that you do? Well that is your content! Of course, add a few intro paragraphs, show a little of personality and then post the offers/surveys that you have done!

    Of course you don't have to "blog" about the survey site or surveys site, you can "blog" about whatever you're comfortable with BUT having a blog that is mainly about your survey site(s) will help you with my "Third Step". Also make sure that if "adsense" is available on the blogging site, that you sign up for it!

  • Step3: Get Referrals! In case you wondering what a referral is.. well basically, a referral is someone that signed up under your referral link! Each survey site will have the own unique referral link and referral banners!

    So what so important about getting referrals? Well, whenever someone (be it a family member, friend or a total stranger) that signs up under you does something, be it a survey or offer etc, you get a certain percentage of what they make!

    Don't worry; your referrals are still getting paid 100% of what they earn. This is just extra money that you get paid in addition to what they get paid.

    If you do sign up a family member who uses the same computer. Before they do their first offer/survey, make sure you contact the survey site support
    staff (there is a link on main page of the site) and let them know the situation!

    The reason that you must notify support is that you will get paid for your efforts and your referral get paid. Because if you don't, there a good chance that your account will be closed because of fraud!

    Note there is plenty of information on tips on how to get referrals on each of the previously listed surveys sites, so there is no need for me for me to give any further tips!

    The only tip that they won't give you is how to Get More Traffic To Your Blog (Just click on the link).

    Okay now that I shared how I make extra money from surveys site, with the help of a blog! Of course, there nothing stopping you from setting up a few blogs, other than your available time!

    You can even do a blog on cooking or kids activities or just about anything that you're passionate about. You can even blog about your "Avon" products and to increase sales and attract a bigger market.

    You can even start your own website or blog and do a personal review of a few of the products that you sell.

    Just make sure that you "interlink them", if you read the "getting web traffic" blog (if you haven't yet..CLICK HERE)you will know what I am talking about, be sure to read through all the tips)!

    But I regress.. Okay now that I shared how I make extra money from surveys site, it time to share another way for a "Stay at home Mom" to make a little extra money!

  • Step4: Sell your household items on E-bay, Craigslist, your local online classified newspaper sites and other product selling sites. On these site there is basically little to do and usually little costs to begin.

    All you have to do is simply take items such as car parts, books, old toys, etc and list them to sell to other people. How often you may have products to list (sell), the more potential that you have to make extra money doing this home job.

    For more information, check out, How To Sell Items On Auction Sites

    To conclude, I hope (sincerely I do) that I helped you or even give you a few ideas on how to make extra money (a little extra cash) online!

    Feel free to leave a comment with any Ideas, Tips and Money Making Suggestions for Women Wanting to Be at Home that you may have!